Just another average sunset in paradise!

Friday, February 3, 2012

House update

The repair to the upper portion of the road was completed on Tuesday!  I have been walking up to the house twice daily to water down the areas that were filled in and they are compacting nicely.  Tomorrow I will drive Dod all the way up to the house and try to figure out the best parking spot.  A friend of mine will be taking a video of Dod as he climbs the hill.

Notice the living fence posts.

This was one of the worst spots on the road and had a bunch of gullies caused by runoff.

Sarah's first visit to her new home.

I will probably spend the night on the patio and then bring Dod back downhill to El Chaco for the super bowl party.  We have about 20 people entering our pool for the super bowl.  The menu includes barbecue shrimp, Spanish fried rice, tostados, bean dip and roasted veggies.  The shrimp have been ordered from a local fisherman who launches his boat right from our beach.  Two kilos (4.4 lbs.) will cost around 350 pesos or $6. per pound for jumbo shrimp already cleaned.

The termites are still a problem but I have found a spray that kills them and keeps them away from their normal paths.  I also started the process of cleaning up the floor (scraping paint spills) and the walls (knocking off dirt spots and insect deposits).  I will check the paint store in San Blas tomorrow to see what is available and whether my budget will allow me to purchase all the paint at once or if I will need to spread the process out over a couple of months.  No matter, I really don't have much else to do other than read books and relax.


  1. BTW...Love the sunset beach dancing photo!!! How care free n beautiful!

  2. I just started reading your blog. I have a question for you. what happened to Jesse? I see no mention of him anymore and now you have Sarah