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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moving day

In about 2 hours I will be heading up the hill to spend a few days at the house.  I want to be up there for the fiesta and fireworks.  Also, I will be able to better judge just what I will need to set up Dod for an extended stay.

It rained for a couple of hours last night which means there will be very little dust going up the road.  It also means there may be a few spots that are softer after the rain.  No matter, it is what it is!

Lower portion of road about halfway up the hill

Next section

This may be the big test for Dod

Did you ever notice how no matter how steep the terrain is, a picture very seldom captures the true grade.  This section is much steeper than it looks.  See the post on the left?  The road is so steep there that Tioga George slips each time he passes this section and grabs the post for support.  My friend Bob made a good discovery: If you walk down the center of the road where the dirt is softer, you have less chance of slipping.

Camp visitors

This morning as I was enjoying my coffee in Dod, I looked out to see a bird I hadn't seen before.  I think the rain last night brought them out to feed on the lawn.  Don't know if they eat seeds or bugs but I sure hope it is bugs!

I think this is a good test for Judy of Travels with Emma, she hit it right on the head identifying the Kiskadee a couple of weeks ago!


  1. Oh...... you lucky man! I am always looking for the painted bunting. Of course the male is so much showier than the female. Hope Judy IDs it the same ;-) I loved the winter we spent in San Blas... sure makes me envy you!

  2. Looks like a painted bunting to me too! they are so pretty.

  3. Hey Dave; How did Dod make it going up the hill? she must have done pretty good on that road. Let us know if you don't mind.