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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aticama Day

Sunday was Aticama Day complete with a parade and fireworks.  I found a table at a restaurant with a clear view of the parade route and settled in to enjoy the parade.  I am glad I didn't have to use the facilities or I would have missed the entire parade.  I took pictures of every group in the parade (all three of them).

After the band passed it looked like most of the town showed up to walk behind the parade to the plaza and church for a special mass.  There were several street vendors at the plaza but I had already eaten.  Each Sunday there is a farmers market at the cultural center with people selling sweet treats, vegetables, plants, odds and ends and my favorite booth:  chile rellenos.  The chile relleno was pricey at 35 pesos but it was delicious.  For dessert I had a piece of corn bread with peppers, onions and cheese baked in.

The cultural center has a book exchange and free wi-fi.  I think this library will probably keep me supplied for at least a year!

If you like fresh oysters you cannot do better than the seaside restaurants in Aticama.  The local divers go out every weekend day to get oysters that are delivered to the restaurants within minutes of leaving the ocean.

Two divers coming in with loads of oysters (pic from my table in the restaurant)

Bill and I walked into the village for dinner and Sarah followed us to the restaurant.  Bill ordered a chicken tamale and three chicken enchiladas; I had a tamale and two pork tacos.  Everything was delicious and the total for the two of us was only 65 pesos ($5 US) They don't serve beer so I walked to the liquor store two blocks away to get some and Sarah followed me.  When I went back to the restaurant there was no Sarah.  I kept looking for her on the walk back up to the house (about 1 mile) but she was nowhere to be seen.  When I got back, Sarah walked out from under Dod to greet me with a wagging tail.  I am so glad I don't have to worry about her getting lost and that I don't have to keep her on a leash.


  1. heyya dave,

    sounds like you are going right native! here is the link to weng's blog, if you dont have it. she is currently going down memory lane and relating a lot of how the Bird House came to be, our daughter Kawena's adventuresome birth in Aticama. good on you dave! http://my-own-pointofview.blogspot.com/

  2. Dave, could reactivate the movie of Dod going up the hill. It says currently not available, try later. I'd like to see it. Also, how much of a mess did you have inside when you got to the top?