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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finally painting

As you may know, it takes me about ten times as long to plan work as it does to complete it.  After ten days of looking at the full paint cans I started work on the kitchen.  I patched the walls and counter top; sanded the counter top and then applied paint.  The whole job took less than a day.



I still need to apply a second coat of paint and then a coat of varnish on the counter top but it may take several days of planning to start the project.  I did, however, complete a project on the spur of the moment yesterday  morning.  The area right outside the door had accumulated some junk and trash.  Jesus (the caretaker) was there to help so we removed the clutter and made a flower bed.  The bricks were just sitting there but the dirt had to be hauled over the wall by the bathtub one bucket at a time (20 buckets).  I will plant sunflowers in the back and asters in the front.


  1. Great Colors! Looking good. LOVE the outdoor bathtub!

    You are in mannana land.

  2. heyya dave!

    we love it!!

    weng and francisco

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  4. Dave,

    Great paint job! Love the colors.