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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beach Clean-up Day

Two young Americans who live in Aticama 6 months a year organized a beach clean-up day!  Bill, Gabriele, Delia and I had plans to go whale watching on Friday but canceled the trip in order to participate in the clean-up.  Almost 20 people showed up and we filled 50 extra large bags with trash.  Six of the bags were plastic bottles for recycling.

The beach clean-up organizers next to one of three trucks we filled.

No, Sarah is not in jail!  This is the Sunday farmers market where you can buy vegetable, plants, coffee and lots of food treats.  If you look to the right of the door you can see Crista and Teesha standing in front of the poster they made to advertise the beach clean-up.  Those of you who have spent any time in Mexico are familiar with the mobile audio advertising where a truck equipped with loud speakers drives around town playing a recording advertising restaurants, markets, etc.  All day Thursday the truck blasted out a message asking for volunteers to help at the beach; pretty cool.

We cleaned the entire beach and road from here to the yellow dot


  1. Looks like you did a fine job! Good for you for taking part in the cleanup. Great picture of Sarah.

  2. I love the way you just jump right in and participate in everything! You have a great spirit. Good job on the clean up. :)

    PS - I love reading your blog and leaving comments, but I have to let you know, although I'll keep reading and enjoying your posts, I'm not going to comment any more on blogs that ask for that double word verification. :(

  3. As I told Barbara in a PM I have never put restrictions on comments. I love hearing from everyone. You cannot hurt my feelings as I am very comfortable in my own skin. Besides,in a year of posting, I have only had one comment that I considered negative and it was from anonymous! If google has put some filtering of comments on my site, I would love to get advice as to how to remove it.