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Sunday, December 30, 2012

News from Aticama

I got a great email today from a couple of followers who winter in San Blas/Aticama!  Sharon and Gene travel all the way from Canada to San Blas each year and we met last winter at El Chaco RV park.  They are the couple who first introduced me to Sara. They attended a Thanksgiving party in Aticama and both of my dogs crashed the party.  They reported that both dogs seem happy and healthy and are being well cared for by my friends and neighbors.

I hope to be sharing time with my dogs and friends soon.


  1. I hope you are feeling better and able to resume the life that you enjoy so much.

  2. Hey you changed your header picture. It looks good, it could be a UK country scene.....on a rare fine day here!!. Trust you're doing ok and looking forward to some more posts.

  3. We went to San Blas in Aug. & had a FABULOUS stay at Cabanas Cocos Blancos. It wasn't as cheap as other places ($80/night/person) but the service, food, and setting were great. We had two cabanas as we were traveling with our 17 & 20 yr old daughters. The accomadations were basic but very clean w/a septic system & solar lights. We ate VERY well and we're treated so warmly by the Sanchez family that owns/operates this tiny island. We visited two nearby beach islands and an obligatory trip to town island to see the museum, community hall, etc.