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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A truck by any other name . . .

A truck is just a truck.  Not so!  Today our truck allowed us to bring a gasoline powered water pump up the hill and fill both tenacos (large plastic cisterns) providing enough water at my house for watering the gardens,  bathing, cleaning and for the restroom.  The tasks were accomplished in about one third the time it would have taken using the 12v water pump.
Then while we were pumping the water I received a text message inviting me to Santa Cruz for a birthday party for my friend Gabriele.  Without the truck I would not have attended as I would not take Dod down the hill just for a party.

The party was great and I have not laughed so much in many, many months.

Outdoor patio and kitchen at Gabi's house

Left to right - Glenn, Delia, Gabi and her dog Mouse.

They are sitting in the kitchen at Gabi's house.  This is the house that I described in an earlier post that rents for less than two hundred dollars a month including utilities.  Two bedrooms, two baths, a huge yard and patio and on a very quiet street.  The street goes past a mangrove lagoon on its way to the ocean.  Only about 300 yards from the front gate to the beach.  You are probably tired of hearing it, but I love Mexico!

BTW Gabi is moving from this great bargain to house sit for a Canadian couple who are heading north for the summer.  Cost of her new residence right on the beach with air conditioning and swimming pool is zero!

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