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Monday, May 7, 2012

More projects

I have a long list of projects but no real pressure to complete them.  Almost every morning I wake up wondering "What will I do today?"  My answer is always "Whatever I want!"  Most days I do complete a few projects and plan projects for the future.  You may recall that it takes me about 20 hours of planning and procrastination to begin a project.

This week I improved my patio desk/bar/dinette and installed a lighting fixture in the kitchen.  Francisco and Bill left me with some 12v fixtures and bulbs.  Since my only source of electricity is a battery powered by solar panels, the 12v system is essential.  I hard-wired the fixtures to the battery and ran the wires from the battery to the dining room (small patio) and to the kitchen.  Now I can read late into the night on the patio and prepare my coffee before sunrise in the kitchen.  The kitchen fixture is on a long cord which allows it to be moved from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom with no trouble at all.

Kitchen fixture

I have been carrying a roll of red vinyl with me for over 5,000 miles and several months without knowing why.  All of a sudden I knew why!  It was the perfect covering for my desk/bar/dinette.  I like projects that don't take much time or effort but give noticeable results.  Within an hour I had covered the desk top and secured the umbrella stand to it.

With the cement base and the bracket attaching the pole to the desk, the umbrella could withstand 40 mph winds!  The wind was coming in at about 20 mph when I took this picture.

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  1. Very cool - I like both of the new projects you completed. Very colorful and clean looking. It's nice to have some projects on the list for when you feel like being creative.