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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mi casa es tu casa

I'm sure most of you know this Spanish phrase "My house is your house".  Well, once again this phrase was proved true with my last visit to Tepic.  On Wednesday, Jesus, his wife Yolanda and I went to Tepic to look at a couple of trucks that Jesus wanted to see.  He asked me to join them as he wanted my opinion on the trucks.

My thought was that we would meet the guy selling the truck, go to Walmart and return to Aticama.  Not in Mexico!  It turned out that the guy selling the truck was Yolanda's cousin so before we could even look at the truck we had to have lunch with Chavelo, Isabella and their four daughters.  Lunch was a chicken soup with rice, beans and of course tortillas.  Excellent food and company.  During lunch the conversation included music and when Chavelo learned that my favorite Mexican group was Mana, he put in one of their  music videos and changed seats with me so I could watch the video while I ate.  Next, he wanted to give me the DVD but I fibbed and said I didn't have a DVD player.

After lunch Jesus, Chavelo and I took a walk around the neighborhood to look at a couple of trucks that were for sale.  We stopped at every other house for introductions to neighbors and conversations about trucks for sale.

When we got back to the house, Yolanda's very attractive, 40 year old, female cousin had mysteriously showed up.  Then, in front of the entire family, Yolanda said " David, my prima Maria Lela doesn't have a husband and you don't have a wife."  Maria Lela just smiled!  We are going back to Tepic on Sunday for the car/truck swap meet at the airport and another lunch and meeting with Maria Lela.

Before we left, Chavelo tried to give me a hat and a bottle of Tequila.  I declined both.  Mi casa es tu casa is alive and well in Mexico!

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