Just another average sunset in paradise!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Odd and Ends

What do iguanas eat?  Wikipedia says the adult iguanas are vegetarians.  The guy in the photo below eats just about anything.  Yesterday I poured myself a bowl of corn flakes and then added milk.  Even though the date on the milk had not expired, the milk had and came out in lumps.  I took it to the patio and dumped it over the side.  A few minutes later an iguana was enjoying breakfast.

When the corn flakes failed, I cooked breakfast burritos with steak, eggs, tomatoes and onions.  I threw the ends of the tomato in the same spot off the patio and a couple of ends of a sandwich roll.  Within the hour, an iguana appeared and ate both the tomato and the roll.  

It has been getting really hot here.  At night in Dod it is often too hot to sleep.  I have a small fan but it is 115v and only runs for about 20 minutes before running the battery down so I find myself fanning myself with a paper plate.  I came up with a partial solution and another project.

I made a type of wind scoop and mounted it over the rear window.  The prevailing breeze is off the ocean so it is captured by the scoop and blows through the window.  I also now wire the door at a 45 degree angle so that it captures wind also.  I think it was probably 10 degrees cooler last night.  The wind scoop is fabricated out of a black plastic hose, two strips of wood and more of my red vinyl cloth.