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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Work on Dod progresses

Although nothing was actually wrong with Dod, I wanted to replace the three engine belts and the rear shock absorbers.  I got an estimate of $152.30 to replace the belts and $285.00 to replace the two rear shocks.  I went to a local auto parts store and bought all the parts for less than $140.00 and did the installations with the help of a good friend of my brother's who wouldn't accept any money.  Total time of actual work was about two hours.

Next on the list are a couple of new tires, another solar panel and one or two more house batteries.  I am also thinking about adding the capability of using regular propane bottles in addition to my built-in tank.  I want to be prepared to spend a month in one spot just in case I find my personal paradise.

I also built a shelf unit for the cab-over sleeper area which probably doubled my storage space.  It is filling up fast as I stockpile groceries for Mexico.  I spent $60. today and due to the super bargains and a 5% Senior Discount, my register receipt showed that I had paid about 40% of the normal prices.  While you can get anything you want in Mexican supermarkets, items from the US usually cost much more than you would pay here.  I stocked up on Best Foods Mayo, Ritz crackers,  Rice-a-roni, Betty Crocker side dishes, and Folger's coffee.  I think I probably have enough food on board for well over one month.

I am really getting antsy about heading out!


  1. I do hope you will be careful when you go to Mexico. Tioga George who seems to think that Mexico is perfect and the news is all hype has been robbed twice recently. Just be cautious and use common sense where you park. Not every place is safe.

  2. Sounds like everything is shaping up well. When are you hoping to cross the border?

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Tioga George who seems to think that Mexico is perfect and the news is all hype has been robbed twice recently.

    A more accurate description would be, Tioga George was confronted by robbers twice. The first time he left his door unlocked and the would be robber entered Ms. Tioga but George scared him off. The second confrontation was by two individuals that made demands for money which George agreed to but told them he had very little. They left with nothing except the satisfaction of breaking a door window in an act of vandalism.

    George has changed his nite camp routine but continues to move south into Mexico and still thinks it is a grand country.