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Monday, December 5, 2011

Dod goes off-roading!

When I arrived back at the Keyesville South Camp on the Kern River I parked for the first night at the camp where Christen's trailer had been the week before. To get to this camp I had to cross the following hazards on the only access road to the campsite.

Yes, they are just as bad as they look!  In all of my travels driving my Jeep CJ7 in Mexico,  I cannot remember taking any roads in worse condition than this one.  It was worth it to me to arrive at the site.  I took a short walk over this road:

Yes, this is the road and it is just as steep as it appears.  At the top of the hill, this is the road down the other side:

The next morning my brother Rick came up and I decided to risk it and take Dod over the hill.  I know it was risky taking a 32 year old RV over this type of terrain but it was worth it to wind up in this site:

Dod's new site as viewed from across the Kern River.


  1. Better hope it don't rain when you want to leave.

  2. Egad! I think you have a few screws loose! :) (on the rig, of course)

  3. Oooh, that looks pretty risky, I wouldn't have done it. Your site is beautiful, but don't get stuck! And I agree, if it starts to rain, get out of there fast. Or, probably slow, but get out safely.