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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New campsite at Kern River

When I checked out the two sites Christen and I occupied last week, I was disappointed in their condition.  After just one week both campsites were a mess: paper plates, diapers, broken beer bottles and other assorted trash littered the entire area.  This campground is totally free and includes beautiful views in all directions and includes a dumpster for trash.  Why are people so disrespectful of our environment?

The above picture shows how I left my campsite around the fire ring.  I am not including a picture of how I found it because in addition to the load of trash around the site, someone had taken a dump less than a foot from this fire ring.

Rick enjoying the view and sounds of the river.

I had to do some clean-up at this new site but due to the remote location, there was less trash than at my old site.  I think I have made my last trip this season to the Kern River so I am spared having to witness what I am almost certain is now a trash laden site.

Firewood supply that Rick and I gathered in about an hour.

These rapids are directly down the hill from my campsite.

The remainder of my stay involved many hours of hiking, reading in the warm sunshine and sleeping with the sounds of the river lulling me to sleep.  No gold panning for me this trip but the same prospectors were there in force each day.

Sorry for the rant as I usually give everyone the benefit of the doubt, however in this case there is no doubt that the individuals involved are inconsiderate slobs.


  1. You have to wonder what those people were thinking. I guess their parents have picked up after them, and now it's our turn? Thank goodness there are MANY more neat campers. I doubt there's one blogger who would do that.

  2. It's just such an aggravation to see sh*t (and it seems that term is not an exaggeration in this case) all around. I just pick it up.
    I have been known to say "pick that up!", if I see someone just drop something. I'm funny that way.
    Or, I'll pick it up for them and say, "Oh, I think you dropped this. Don't do it again".
    Probably a way of living dangerously, but most people are too ashamed to offer much lip.

    At least you're one of the ones who is willing to clean up.
    Thank you.

  3. I like to leave the site in better condition than I find it, even at RV parks. I don't understand why people feel the draw to the outdoors but then feel nothing about caring for it while they are there.

    It's just plain disgusting...

  4. When I do litter pick-up duty on the refuge, I'm always amazed at the trash people just toss on the ground. Fishermen are especially guilty here, and the beverage of choice is Bud Light. :(

  5. Keepers of the Kern is a newly formed and very, very productive organization that is cleaning the river of exactly what has kept you away. The Upper River has been rid of the majority of trash, human waste and debris, we are now working on the Keyesville area, then the lake and the lower river. We are working with the FS and BLM to not only bring the area back to a clean state, but to assist in having changes made in the management and regulations to prevent this type of abuse in the future. We have a FB page...Keepers of the Kern...our website will be up soon. Please go check it out, you will be please and maybe you will return.Thank you. Barbara Hinkey...Keepers of the Kern