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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is Mexico safe?

When I share my plans to RV all over Mexico, almost everyone has the same advice: Don't go!  Most tell me they have never been there and that they wouldn't even think of going.  I used to explain to them that I lived in Mexico for almost 2 years and that I felt safer there than I would in most big cities in the U.S. but now I just say I will be careful.

The per capita murder rate in Washington, D.C. is eight times higher than in Mexico City and the rate in most large U.S. cities is also higher than Mexico City.  The murder rate for U.S. citizens in Mexico is about 1 per 100,00 or less than one fifth the rate in the U.S.

Anyone who has spent much time in a large U.S. city knows that there are certain areas that you just don't visit.  It is the same in Mexico.  I have been driving all over Mexico since 1972 and have had only two minor incidents.  I had some tools sitting in the back of my Jeep at a hotel in La Paz and they were stolen.  My fault for leaving them there with no top on the Jeep.  In Tijuana, a young Mexican-American, gang-banger type grabbed my cell phone off my belt and ran off.  I chased him down and got my phone back. Pretty dumb move on my part as I was 58 at the time and he was in his early 20s.

I always exercise caution when deciding where to camp for the night and avoid any section of town that does not look safe.  The vast majority of Mexicans are happy to have tourists around as without us their economy would suffer.


  1. Tioga George felt the same way, but after having people enter his rig twice, one with a gun, and having his window broken - within a matter of days - he seems to be a little more apprehensive. Just be careful, and park around other people. I'm one of the people who wouldn't cross that border on a bet.

  2. We have a killing here in Kansas City about every night I'll bet its safer in Mexico.

  3. I think this safety issue is just another example of bigotry and ignorant prejudice.

    Admittedly, the US media dont help matters. Our media coverage of events around the world tend to accentuate the mythe that the U.S. is the best place in the world for anyone and everyone; but lack of experience with other cultures doesn't help.

    It's funny too, that nearly 50yrs ago when I was still in elementary school I had a conversation with an old itinerant preacher who told me about how even in those "good old days" he would not stop along the highway at a wayside/rest area if there was only ONE car parked there because it might be too dangerous.

    Some things change but forever stay the same.

    Cheers, Peter

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