Just another average sunset in paradise!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A couple of small projects

Sunday I walked down the hill expecting to find a farmer's market in progress but for the second week in a row, no such luck.  So I went to the local tienda and stocked up on veggies, milk and bread and hiked back up the hill.

I have been contemplating a small rearrangement of the kitchen for some time now.  I can't find a before picture, but the stove/oven used to be in the same cubby hole as the refrigerator.  The arrangement made it very difficult to change gas bottles so I changed it.  I moved the stove/oven to the other cubby hole and moved the refrigerator next to it which leaves plenty of room for the gas bottle and makes for an easy exchange.  The stove/oven in now at Dave height as it rests on a row of  bricks.  When Weng is here, it can be lowered to Weng level in just a minute by removing the bricks.

I needed a new office space so I used a piece of plywood that Francisco gave me to create this:

I just attached a couple of 2x6s to the bottom of the plywood and set it on the wall.  It is very secure but can be easily removed by just lifting it up.  It will also make a great bar and dining table.  I am posting from this desk now but I am having trouble concentrating as the sun is setting and I think it will be a great sunset.