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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Company on the hill

Francisco and his friend, Steve Martin (yes, that is really his name) arrived on Thursday!  This is the first in person meeting with my landlord.  We have discovered that we are very much alike and "hit it off" right away.

 I think of the house on the hill as my personal paradise and was perfectly happy without electric and water to the house as Dod is parked right down the hill.  With Francisco's help we are adding water and electric service to the house. 

Yesterday I removed the stove and oven from Dod and moved it up the hill.  It is much more efficient than the stovetop I bought at Walmart.  Things just keep getting better!

I am really enjoying the company and will be sad when they leave.

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  1. So happy you having been enjoying your time at the "house on the hill". Glad you finally got to meet Fransico, I am sure he is very happy with the work you have been doing there.

    Kevin and Ruth