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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Google Maps

DJ came over last night and we were talking about the places we would travel to in Mexico.  She wanted to see the apartment that I rented in La Paz in 2004.  I went to Google maps, entered "La Paz, Mexico, clicked on Satellite and centered the map above the apartment.  As I kept zooming in I was astonished to find that Google now has the street view available for all of La Paz!  We were able to look up at my apartment from the street level and then proceed down the malecon past all of the restaurants, bars and markets that I passed on my daily walks.

My apartment is circled in yellow.

This is the view I had to put up with everyday!

La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur and has a population of almost 1 million.  I decided to try a much smaller town.  I picked San Blas which is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.  With a population of less than 9,000 I wasn't very hopeful of finding a street level view but there it was.  I was able to locate and view a bungalow that I am considering renting for $150. per month!

Next I tried Aticama which is a small fishing village near San Blas with only 1300 inhabitants.  It also had the street view available.  Hats off to Google!

Now I will be able to check out even the small towns and villages on my itinerary before arriving and I will be able to locate possible sites to dry camp before reaching each destination.  The only drawback is that I will probably spend hours on line checking out the many places I have visited in Mexico to relive memories.


  1. We also used Google Street View while we were in Mexico. And we also were amazed at how many roads are included. Only problem is that it uses up a lot of bandwidth, so if you're on cellular internet you have to be careful.


  2. WOW! The view you had was awesome. I'm a beach person so I am always looking for an inexpensive place to enjoy the ocean.

  3. The one bedroom, furnished and including daily maid service was $700. per month!

  4. Life was rough, then, eh?

    Google is amazing, all the way around. I just wish they weren't so into traicking my every move.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  5. Google just keeps on getting better. That is so cool!!