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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doubts about the future and my choices

I tend to analyse my choices to the Nth degree!  Ofttimes I wonder about my future taking a 32 year old motor home on a trip that I hope will encompass thousands of miles.  I think about where I am going and what I will find once I get there.  I also wonder about how in the H***  I made the decision that this would be a good thing for me.

A big influence on my choice has been a young Filipino woman whom I have never met.  She posts only a few times each year but her story seems to answer most of my questions.  Her name is Weng and her blog site is Mailorderbride .   I am only going to provide the slightest glimpse of her site here as I cannot think of one blogger that I follow who cannot benefit in some way by reading all of her posts word-for-word, for tortured English word.

A brief summary:  A Filipino woman finds herself in an untenable situation financially in her country; decides to travel to the USA and marry a man she had never met; has a family with him and begins a lifetime journey. They have a residence in Oregon but traveled to Mexico (in somewhat less that first class mode) and wound up living at least half of the year on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific.

While I have no specific itinerary, I know that one of my stops in Mexico will be to meet this extraordinary family!


  1. Weng is awesome! Such a joyful spirit! Maybe you'll get to meet Ms. Tioga and George, as a bonus!

  2. Tioga George is another "must meet" person on my list. His blog was the first I ever followed. In fact, I didn't even know what blogging was before I stumbled onto his site.

  3. Dave, you've had some interesting experiences of your own over time. You are doing something that so many others simply dream about doing. Your spirit and courage are an example to many. Thanks for sharing your life.