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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A new friend shows up

Last Wednesday when Jesus came up to do some weed-whacking he brought a new puppy along for the ride.  He is about 5 months old and obviously a Heinz 57 type of mutt.  Black, brown and tan coat with a large blot of white centered on his face.  The really special thing about him is his eyes: they are an almost white, light gray similar to what you sometimes see on sled dogs.  His ribs were showing through his short-haired coat but he seemed to be very happy.  He has one of those "propeller" tails that makes a rapid full circle behind him when he is very excited.

Jesus told me that he was living down below me at Bill's motor home and that he would feed him.  Thursday afternoon I took down some food and gave him water.  Early Friday, I could hear him barking so I went down.  I couldn't stand the sad look in his eyes so I untied him and he followed me up the hill to mi casa.  He hasn't left my side since then.  No matter where I go he seems to be under foot.  Sarah is a little jealous and each time I pet him she hops up and demands equal opportunity petting.  They seem to be getting along well.

At night, Sarah has always slept up in the house while I am down in Dod.  Lobo (I forgot to mention his name earlier) chooses to follow me down the stairs and spends the entire night sleeping under Dod.  I swore I would never acquire another dog but I couldn't resist.  Oh well, there goes more money on shots, neutering and food.  Overall a small investment for the enjoyment he is already providing.


  1. Love goes never unrewarded. I hope he brings you lots of joy. Pictures, please ☺☺

  2. I know how a dog can love you - also I have more than one, I found him on the side of the road. Angela

  3. As a three dog man, I am very proud of you. They really are man's (and woman's) best friend.

  4. Hi Golden,
    It's been fun reading your adventures of storms, lizards, butterflies and now Lobo. Big SMILES to you ")

  5. Dave...Can you suggest a website or source for finding a water front/view lot for rent, for motorhome parking, that is not in an RV park?

  6. How about a picuture?