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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another reason for delaying my trip to Mexico

MONEY!  While I could leave today and have sufficient funds to travel all over Mexico for the next year or so, I want more!  I sold my business in 2004 and became semi-retired, working only a few weeks a year on special short term construction projects that paid too well to turn down.  However, construction has nothing to do with the business I sold.

My business was buying and selling used medical equipment.  I traveled nationwide to attend auctions of used medical equipment and visit hospitals to negotiate for the purchase of their "unused" surplus equipment.  I made a very decent living doing this.  Since retiring in 2004, I have concentrated on the purchase and sale of one very specific piece of equipment.  Generally, I buy and sell a few of these units each year and make a profit of a few thousand dollars on each transaction.

Recently I have found two of these machines that will come up in an online auction in early December and I already have a buyer.  While I could probably complete the transaction while in Mexico, I feel more comfortable remaining here where I have more reliable access to the internet, telephone, UPS and everything else necessary for the smooth completion the purchase and sale.

Also, my brother Rick has expressed an interest in becoming involved in used medical equipment.  While we await the auction in early December, I will teach him the methods I use and we will form a partnership wherein he will be able to handle all the details in the U.S. and I will provide my input by telephone and email from Mexico.

So, the question is "Should I stay here at my brother's enjoying our time together and all the amenities to be able to go to Mexico with a few thousand extra dollars in the traveling kitty?"



  1. Easy money can't be overlooked. Whereas you might not stop to pick up a penny any more, you should stop long enough to pick this up.

  2. Although I am all about living for today, some future-planning is not a bad thing. I think it will serve you well to stay a little while long, more to teach your brother the business than for the money.

    And yay! At least for today, I can leave a comment!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. I think you answered your own question. ;) Sticking around sounds like a good plan to put some extra money aside and you and your brother can set something up for the future at the same time which will probably end up making more money.

    Sounds like a win win to me.