Just another average sunset in paradise!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nothing good lasts forever

Thursday night about 9:00 p.m. four vehicles pulled into my secluded campsite!  It took them until almost midnight to set up 7 tents.  The next morning I counted 8 children and 6 adults scampering around the camp.  I still had the best campsite but as you can guess, it lost some of its ambiance.

Saturday morning two more vehicles showed up with an additional 6 people.  I could have stayed but I figured that any group who could put together a group of 20 friends and family deserved their own space.  I packed up and pulled out.  When I told them I was leaving they said "You don't have to go" but as I drove away, I watched the mad dash as they competed to move their tents into the prime location I had just left.

The detour continued to be4 beautiful.  I came around a bend and saw 50 or 60 cars parked in a lot along the highway.  As I rounded the next bend I had a great view of Mt. Rainier.

All of the spring flowers were in full bloom and it was exceptional.  See the snow still on the ground down below me?  Everyone said that summer still has not arrived at this elevation.  Dod made it over Chinook Pass with no problems whatsoever.

I decided that I might as well drive to the coast as I wanted to get to Oregon.  Four hours later, I was at the Astoria  Bridge.

The Oregon coast is just as beautiful as I had remembered.  All of the little beach towns have a personality all their own.  Dod is the perfect size to drive up and down the small streets and to park in regular parking spaces which made exploration easy.


  1. Too bad you lost your beautiful spot, but you're right, we need to move on sometimes. Sounds like a perfect place for a group camp-out, too.

    I loved driving through the Oregon coast. I always wonder about the residents in those little towns.

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing the Oregon coast. Maybe next summer, I hope.

  3. Too bad about your idyllic spot being overrun. Suppose it has anything to do with the Labor Day weekend coming up? I bet things quiet down quite a bit from here on out. Welcome back to Oregon. If you spend anytime in the Astoria area, be sure to check out some of the sites in the Fort Stevens area. Although the campground tends to be crowded, there are many places in the same area that are not. Good luck and happy travels.