Just another average sunset in paradise!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wondering about wandering

The only thing that has bothered me about my decision to RV in Mexico fulltime has been companionship.  I love sharing things with others.   Cooking, hiking, restaurants, walks on beaches - almost everything seems more enjoyable with the right companion.

I average one new relationship each year.  Each one seems magical at first.   The important things for me are the things you cannot experience alone.  Conversation over dinner, holding hands on the walk to the car after dinner, the first kiss, a walk on the beach where each "accidental" touch makes your spine tingle, someone who cares enough to share your daily successes and failures.

Okay, I am definitely a romantic!  "Sleepless in Seattle", "Serendipity", "Sabrina", "The American President", "Return to Me", "You've Got Mail", "Must Love Dogs", "50 First Dates".  These are just a few of the "chick" flicks in my library.  Even my action type DVDs have romance included:  "The Count of Monte Cristo", "The Thomas Crown Affair", "Out of Africa", "Medicine Man".

Wow!  I think I learn a lot about myself by posting.  Maybe too much.

Yes, I was alone when I took this picture!

I have to close for now.  I am going to the local humane society to look for a pet to adopt!


  1. How's an old curmudgeon like Al going to take being told he's romantic?? :)

    Alone is great... sometimes...

  2. Hey you can't beat a good dog,they can do all that and never talk back.

  3. Plus a dog is grateful for the scraps from your plate...no need to buy another whole dinner! Just kidding! Perhaps you will find what you are looking for along your journey.

    Great photo of the moon.

  4. I just got a golden retriever pup after many years of singledom. He is already a fine companion: unconditional love and acceptance, living in the moment and finding joy therein. Pups keep you busy, but they open your heart and then grow into wonder dogs. Some folks say DOG = GOD. I think they may be right.

  5. When I got my Katie, I went to a local shelter - looking for a small dog that I could take anywhere with me. I love big dogs (and medium dogs), but little ones are so much easier. Plus, I could never lift a large dog up to the bunk to sleep, and Katie is 10 or so pounds, really easy. They are great companions! :) I hope you DO get one, I'd hate to travel without Katie.

  6. Theory on companionship: I think we get too involved with another. As we get older a lot of settling has taken place and each though they may share common ground, need space that is theirs alone. Friendships that allow for lots of space are the best. Like a dance, come together- come apart- rinse-repeat.