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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Where in the heck is Dave?

I have received several inquiries asking for updates on my health and whereabouts.  I know I should have continued posting but nothing of real relevance was happening and I wanted to make sure of what my future holds before sharing it.

I spent September and October in Aticama but did not stay at the house on the hill.  Thieves took everything from the house while I was in the states in July and August so I rented a motel room for my stay.  While I was in the motel, thieves broke into Dod and took everything including all the copper piping.

My health is excellent with two clear PET scans behind me, my doctors have changed my future tests to once every six months instead of quarterly.

My current location is Seattle, WA.  My friend Christen (you can read about our meeting and past travels by using the search box for "Christen") bought a 24' motor home and asked me to help her drive south for the winter.  Seattle is beautiful but cold and rainy.  We leave here tomorrow morning for another great adventure.  I probably do need to change the title of my blog as I will not be "dodding" anywhere.

The good news is that we will be on the road again looking for the best free camping spots and I will be able to get motivated to communicate via this blog.  I have a new camera and computer so I hope to share some interesting stories and pictures with you all!


  1. Good grief! People keep saying how safe Mexico is, but honestly, I just don't believe it. You've had problems there, for sure. I'm sorry you were robbed twice - Tioga George was robbed twice, too, wasn't he? - and I'm glad you've got some company on this new adventure. I have a 24' rig too, and it's a great size for driving and parking anywhere. Good luck finding free places, they are all over if you do some research. Glad we'll be hearing from you again. And congrats on your improved health. That's really good to hear. :)

  2. Glad to hear that you are OK and I hope it stays that way in the future. Too bad about those robberies. I loved Mexico on my former trips but I don't think I would go any longer, too iffy now. Have a good time on your new trip.

  3. So, I'm guessing you abandoned the rest of Dod in Mexico. You said you are traveling south....is that southern U.S. or are you going to give Mexico another shot?

  4. such a shame... sorry to hear of your misfortunes... better days must lie ahead for sure!

  5. I hope your new blog will be linked to this one. Don't want to lose you. Sad that your Mexico experiences went downhill. I wonder if Weng will be going back there. Sounds like there will be nothing to go back to. After what happened to George, and what happened to you, I sure wouldn't want to go to Mexico!!!!

  6. Good luck on your new adventure, and despite all the set backs things seem to be looking up.. Make sure you link your new blog to your old blog so we can follow you. All the best.

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